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In the Construction Industry, specifications are the writing standards for most commercial building design and construction projects in North America. It lists, by divisions, the data about construction requirements, products and activities.

The new collection is called Division 2: Existing Conditions because during this phase, you must investigate and assess the site in order to know if or how you can build on it and many site conditions are not immediately obvious. Also this is the phase where you demolish the old, or remediate contamination.

This is relevant to Polished Concrete because with this being our second official launch, it was important to make sure our foundation was solid before we kept building. Sometimes you have to dig beneath the surface, find out what you truly love and what works, demolish fear and whatever doesn't bring you peace, & have faith that whatever you decide to build next, can be even better than what was there before.

Our favorites

suede &Leather

New Materials, New Styles. Our new Suede and Leather necklaces are perfect to layer as the weather turns cooler. 

Nature's essence 

When you think of Africa you can either think of the jungles of Northern Africa or the beautiful beaches along the Southern tip in Cape Town. Additionally, Africa is cultural and has a very heavy influence even here in America. It is important that we recognize our roots. Continue shopping and supporting #BlackOwnedBusiness !

jewelry with a


New collection, new clients but our mission has not changed! We are glad that you are here to check us out, see what new items we have and show your support. While we all love pretty & shiny jewelry, we just want to make sure that we emphasize that it comes second to supporting our cause -- Alzheimer's Awareness. Every item, every customer, & every purchase is centered around creating better living environments for Alzheimer's patients and their caregivers. It is especially important that if you have a great experience with our brand, that you share it by filling out a testimonial. Tell someone to tell someone else to shop with us to continue helping our cause !

"Polished Concrete's jewelry is lovely and so easy to wear! And Brittney's customer service is excellent. She answered my questions and helped me decide on three pairs that I love."

Catherine, Richmond


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Know Our Brand

POLISHED CONCRETE is modern jewelry with a purpose, handmade in Virginia Beach. We use only carefully selected, eco-friendly materials on our pieces. All of our earrings are hypoallergenic, and have a lifetime guarantee. We are hoping through the sale of our contemporary collection, we can fund our giving back project - FOUNDATION. To ensure this, we are donating 75% of every purchase directly to our charity chapter in an effort to create better living environments for Alzheimer's patients and their caregivers. 


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